Honey and Honeycomb

Henry’s Honey is harvested from bee hives at my home in Neutral Bay, and at friend’s homes in Cremorne, Mosman, Huntley Cove and St Ives.

-Honey is raw (unheated) preserving natural amino acids, enzymes, and antioxidants

-Honey is strained (not filtered) preserving all natural pollen

-My hives are never treated with chemicals

At Forsyth Park in Neutral Bay, you will find 100+ lavender plants that I planted and maintain. You can now taste lavender in some batches of my honey from Neutral Bay. There are also leptospermum plants in the park (near the old stone hut) that are specifically chosen to produce Manuka honey.

Liquid Honey: $24/kg

Creamed Honey: $30/kg

Honeycomb: $35/kg

You can buy honey from my home: Unit 2, 39 Lower Bent Street, Neutral Bay

If you live anywhere between Mosman and Hunters Hill, I can deliver honey to you at no extra cost. Neutral Bay to Chatswood and St Ives is also a regular route if you live in that direction…

(Sorry, it is generally not practical to send honey in the post)

Most honey is packed in recycled jars (please collect jars for me, thanks!)


This is how the bees build their combs if they do not have frames to guide them…

This is my “best” apiary, in Huntley Cove (Hunters Hill). Most of my hives are in small backyards with neighbors nearby.

My Eurpopean Honeybees are of the “caucasia” subfamily of “Apis mellifera”. They are not native to Australia, but have been here for 180 years… We would not have almonds, apples, cherries, melons, broccoli, or blueberries without them.

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