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8 Nov 2022 Update: Bees have bee swarming in Sydney for the past 6 weeks, at a rate much higher than last year. I am running out of hives and places to put them. If you have a swarm, a cluster of bees out in the open (not in the walls of your home) there are three options:

  1. try to find a local beekeeper at https://www.beekeepers.asn.au/swarms You may find a hobby beekeeper who is willing to collect the swarm for free. Note that they are also getting overwhelmed with swarms.
  2. Let nature take its course. Swarms will usually move-on within a few days, once they find a home (hopefully not in the walls of your home). The bees clustering in a tree is just a temporary stage.
  3. I can collect the colony for a cost of about $280 plus travel from Neutral Bay. I am currently donating these bees to commercial beekeepers who have lost their hives to fires last year and to the current Verroa infestation. To book a collection, please text your address and a photo of the swarm to 0423 298 841

 For your curiosity, here are a couple I collected recently:

The Maritime Museum called me when a swarm of bees settled on the stern of the HMAS Vampire, in the middle of Darling Harbour!

I am pointing to the bees in this photo. I wonder where they came from… Is someone keeping bees on a nearby rooftop?


Here a swarm has settled between two doors in Beacon Hill:

This is a typical swarm in size, but picture-perfect with the flowers:

This is one of the largest swarms I have collected, in Carlingford:

This is a smaller swarm, it was a the SECOND swarm from the same hive, which occasionally happens when the colony is especially strong.

Below photos are from a call-out to the University of New South Wales, UNSW:

UNSW Campus
UNSW Campus

I moved the queen into the wooden beehive and within a minute, the bees were marching in, following her scent. It took some disassembly to get the last of the bees out from under the grate…

UNSW Campus

This is a more typical swarm in a tree. The bees move out of their hive and settle in a tree temporarily while they look for a new home in Mosman.

This was an unusual situation where the bees built their colony in an exposed bush (Lane Cove).

bees in a bush

This swarm was at a pre-school (Chatswood). I found the Queen, put her in the box, and all the other bees marched in to be with her.

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