Wasp Removal

We see a lot of Australian Paper Wasps in Sydney and the summer of 2023 has been especially busy. If you have one of these nests, looks for others -they often come in sets. Their sting is quite painful and they are more aggressive than European honey bees. These wasps are not endangered or protected. They cannot be safely relocated, so the only option is to quickly/humanely kill them if they are causing a safety risk to people and pets.

If the wasps are living in the loose bark of a tree or underground, they are likely to be English Wasps. These are MORE aggressive than Australian Paper Wasps and have earned my respect (I needed antibiotics after the last attack by English Wasps…)

I can remove these wasp nests WITHOUT pesticides if this is desired.

Cost for removal is typically $160 if you are within 20 minutes of Neutral Bay.

Please call/text Henry at 0423 298 841 for a quick quote for removal.

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